About us

Nochless was founded by Dries, who is a graphic designer, and his buddy Sven, an engineer. One fine day, we decided that it was time that we “did something together”. After a few beers, a lot of minor burns, and a few cases of arc-eye, we finally had something resembling an idea.

Everyone loves warmth and ambience when they’re outdoors in the evening, whether it’s for a party, a workplace event, or just sitting in the yard. Our plan was to create that atmosphere with beautiful, high-quality braziers.

In the early days of Nochless we chose an “artisanal” approach based on the good old bandsaw. After a few complaints about the noise level from our neighbors, we decided to do things properly. Now we make our braziers with laser cutters. And everything is proudly made in Belgium.

NOCHLESS - Dries and Sven

Durable, tough weathering steel

Nochless braziers (and several of our other products) are made principally from weathering steel, sometimes known by its trademark, “COR-TEN steel”. The name comes from the two most important properties of this steel:

TENsile strength

The name “weathering steel” refers to its resistance to pretty much every kind of weather. In fact, it becomes better looking (“weathered”) over time. You can leave your Nochless brazier outdoors all year round so that it’s ready to use whenever you want.

Easy to use and maintain

What makes a Nochless brazier unique is the combination of warmth and light that creates the perfect atmosphere. But even when it’s not lit, it’s is just a great centerpiece for your yard. And our braziers are designed to be simple to install, use, and maintain.

Original and beautiful objects for outdoors and indoors

Weathering steel is a stylish material for making all kinds of things. We’ve already added flowerpot holders, a decorative solution for storing your garden hose, and a few other things to brighten up your yard or home. If you have a cool idea, we can help you turn it into reality. A sign for your business, a planter that’s just the right size for your balcony, a silhouette of an object or an animal that means something to you… get in touch via our contact form!