Le Gooker: A must for any self-respecting outdoor chef!


A grill, a bread oven, and a fire pit, all in one!

If we just called Le Gooker an oven, we wouldn’t be doing it anything like justice, because it’s so much more. Le Gooker comes with a set of accessories that let you quickly transform it into an oven for bread or pizza, a barbecue, a smoker, or a wok. Arrange your utensils and seasonings on the side shelves, and keep your stock of firewood dry and ready to use in the built-in wood bin. And to round things off, you can detach the lower part of Le Gooker and use it as a mobile fire pit.

Ultimate ease of use

Le Gooker is so easy to use and guarantees perfect results every time. The Magic Arm System means you’ll never burn your fingers. It has a high-precision thermometer, stainless steel handles, and built-in griddle. It’s truly amazing!

You know you want one...

If you were at the recent Beervelde garden event and enjoyed eating our freshly-made pizza, we won’t have to convince you that Le Gooker is the best outdoor cooking station you can find anywhere.

Le Gooker black - Pizza

(And if you didn’t enjoy it, it was probably because of our pizzaiolo’s rather dubious moustache… which he has now shaved off, by popular demand.) But you can get more information and more great reasons why you need Le Gooker in your life on our website, or by contacting us at fire@nochless.com.

Good taste, modern style, and superior quality. What more could you want?