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Le Gooker



The ultimate in outdoor cooking!

Sure, a Nochless brazier with our add-on BBQ set makes a fine grill. But maybe you’re looking to take your outdoor cooking experience up a level? Then we have exactly what you need! Introducing Le Gooker, the cast-iron oven that every self-respecting garden chef should own.

Le Gooker - hout bijvullen

Beautiful design, great functionality

Don’t let the pictures deceive you. Of course Le Gooker is beautiful, but it’s much more than that. It’s the perfect blend of design, functionality, aesthetics, efficiency, and flexibility.

What can it do? It’d be quicker to list what it can’t do. You can use Le Gooker as:

  • barbecue
  • wood-fired oven
  • bread over
  • smoker
  • pizza oven
  • wok
  • mobile fire pit
  • wood store

Le Gooker grill

With such a long list of features Le Gooker might sound complicated, but don’t worry, it’s really simple to use. Its ergonomic, flexible design (see “XX”, below) makes it easy to reconfigure Le Gooker to do whatever you want in just a few seconds.

It’s all about the flavors!

Of course, all that stuff about design and engineering is great, but the most important thing about Le Gooker is: the flavors! Whether you’re baking home-made bread, making pizza, smoking meat and fish, or grilling vegetables, your culinary creations will never have tasted better than with Le Gooker. And because the food never comes into contact with the flames, it’s healthier too! What more could the outdoor gourmet ask for?

Just a few more details

You’ll have noticed that we’re pretty enthusiastic about Le Gooker. There’s just a few more things that we want to tell you, and then we’ll leave you to admire the pics. We want to let you know that Le Gooker is made from enameled cast iron in Strasbourg, France. It has a Magic Arm system so you’ll never burn your fingers. It warms up to 350°C (570°F) in a few minutes, so you can have a pizza Napoli on your garden table in no time. It comes with a griddle… OK, OK, we’ll stop there. We love it, and we know you will, too!

Le Gooker, brood - bread

Some more (technical) information

  • Le Gooker has a smart elevator system that allows you to raise the oven and bring the fire pit forward. That lets you enjoy the rest of the fire after you’ve finished cooking.
  • You can check the temperature on the built-in thermometer. But it won’t vary much, because the cast-iron construction of Le Gooker keeps it stable.
  • Le Gooker has two side tables. Like the rest of the oven, they are at the perfect height for safe and convenient use when cooking.
  • Le Gooker uses surprisingly little wood. The built-in wood storage holds enough for up to four baking or grilling sessions, depending on the number of guests.
  • You can leave Le Gooker outside all year, or use it under cover (for which you’ll need to extend the chimney; we can supply the connector for this).
  • Le Gooker comes with a 10-year guarantee against corrosion (only applicable if there are holes in the structure).

Interested? More questions? Feel like dropping by for a pizza tasting?(*) Get in touch at fire@nochless.com.

Le Gooker firepit

*We don’t actually guarantee that you’ll get a pizza tasting, but you can always ask!